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Bob needed a real Business Consultant with a real knowledge of the physical and digital business landscape.
But BOB waited too long and made many mistakes so Bob is no longer in business. 

With a 30 year proven track record in business development, from Art to Cart which includes the digital and physical business landscape. We can help you achieve your goals in the most direct way possible.

  1. BUSINESS CONSULTANT: The very first step is to analyze your companies POSITION as it exists in its physical form and/or digital form. Once we have a clear understaning of where you are and where you would like to be we can design a program to get you there. Not our friend BOB he thinks everything is OK. FIND OUT MORE!
  2. STARUP SERVICES:  Having started and manitained many businesses we are experts at startups, so if you are just starting out we can help on all fronts. If you are an existing business without a web footprint we can get you a wide and deep print faster than anyone else in the industry. Our friend BOB like many people think you open a company and people just show up... FIND OUT MORE!
  3. COMPANY BRANDING OR REBRANDING: Your brand old or new, must get to the point and get your message to your audience immediately. Everything must be right. From your Company Name, Web Address, Website, Logo, Look, feel and even the email address. Take Bob for instance he is a mess, here is Bobs old email address go ahead I dare you email Bob.FIND OUT MORE!
  4. PRODUCT DESIGN & PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: With over 30 Years Emil Vicale ® is an experienced Product Design and Development expert. We can bring new products to market quickly. If you need an Iconic Product Designed, prototyped and manufacturered in the qucikest way possible, that is what we do! FIND OUT MORE!
  5. WEBSITE BUILDER: If you are an existing business internet or brick and mortar, we can get you a wide web footprint quickly. If you already have website and need to upgrade we are the firm for you. We can handle any level of web development you need, from single page to fully developed sites with CMS, mobile first and AMP (the future). Having published our first website in 1996 (which still exists today) we have a full understanding of the web. We even offer FREE hosting and up to 10 free email addresses FIND OUT MORE! 
  6. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO): Using an SEO Agency like ours is your best way to use the best SEO Techniques and our ecp[ert SEO Services. With over 20 long years of using these techniques before they were called SEO we have the knowledge to help you. FIND OUT MORE!
  7. DIGITAL MARKETING: Is a broad term that encapsulates, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing, YouTube Marketing, and PPC (Google Ads). You can think of the entire Internet eco system as a Digital Marketing Platform. COMING SOON!
  8. ECOMMERCE, EBAY & AMAZON EXPERTS: We have full knowledge and experience in on line order processing from simple on-line order linking to full blown ecommerce site. We also have a full knowledge of eBay and the gold standard Amazon store development and onboarding to Amazon. COMING SOON!

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