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If The Virus has had a negative effect on you or your family, well then this is the proof that you need to start a side-gig or add another revenue stream to your life.


As a Consultant providing Business Consulting & Digital Marketing Services I’ve heard it all. But the problem I hear most of the time is how to get back to the good old days.

Now is the time to get to work or face the possibility of being left behind. You are living in a time of great change and it is happening right before our eyes. Businesses small, medium and large are being decimated because they didn’t listen and weren’t watching.

What is that saying? ”it happens slowly then all at once”

If you are just starting out or are an established business we can help you. In recent years the internet and the art of marketing your business online have become increasingly complex. The Many steps steps (best practices) needed to become a searched and visited business on the internet. If you have a great idea, a skill, or hobby, knowledge, or a pickup truck, just give us a call we can make it happen for you.

This interview is a perfect example of FREE Publicity and how effective it can be.

As you can see Varney is a Real Professional making me feel at ease even though I wasn’t . Live interviews are very complicated and BIG part of Marketing / Publicity



Below are samples of our work from Product Based Businesses, Service-Based Businesses, Informational Businesses (websites) and Craft / Handmade Businesses.

Product Based Businesses, makes a product such as a hammer. After the hammer is made it is offered for sale.
  • HeroBuilders® is a product based business that makes Custom Action Figures. They started by making Political Action Figures. Herobuilders website is HTML5, mobile first, AMP enabled with a content management system. It also has a eCommerce shopping and digital shopping cart.
  • CustomEasyButton® is a product based company that created the Custom Record-able Easy Button. Outside suppliers make this product to specifications we developed. The website is HTML5, CSS, and has a integrated ecommerce shopping cart.
  • Black Star Ops is a product based company that created the first covert clothing company. Black Star Ops actually also made the first Untucked shirt in the world. The website is HTML3, and has a shopping cart.
Service Based Business: is a business that provides work performed by an expert in a specific field. That service is provided for pay. Service based business are, cleaning, landscaping education, beauty treatments etc..
  • Be Big Be Brave, is a service business. Founded by a mom and social worker who wants more for her own daughters.  Emil Vicale Consulting took this firm from a dream to reality. This website is a SquareSpace site with ecommerce shopping cart.
Informational Businesses: is an information based website and about a specific subject like a Blog. These informational based businesses can be educational or motivational.
  • Emil Vicale® is an example of a WordPress Site. Marketed in the Connecticut and NY Region
Handmade Business or Craft Based Business: A Handmade or Craft Based business is typically a small business that makes goods. Those goods are handmade by artisans or skilled craftsmen with a particular set of skills.
  • ToyBuilders is an example of a Handmade and a craft business. Toybuilders introduced 3D Design, 3D printing and 3D manufacturing it to the masses. Here is an awesome mention in Popular Science in 2001. This website is mobile first HTML5 with content management system.
  • Don Cray is an example of a perfect product design and wonderfully executed. The Arch Humidor is and example of a Handmade product. People recognize the Arch Humidor as the most beautiful Humidor ever made. The Don Cray website is super quick to load whether you are on a phone or pad or laptop it is is quick to load. The website marketing, SEO and speed is HTML5 mobile first + CSS.