Business How To’s


The REAL How to start a business CheckList. We created a quick start a business guide below, a real list that should be a guide rather than a cure-all.

Starting an business or online business seems easy but it actually more complicated than you would think, but it easy if you follow a direct path.

How To Start A Business

  1. Decide on the business you are going to start. This step is pretty simple. You probably have skills or ideas already, and you need to pick one. Some Typical Businesses are Product Based or Service-Based Business
  2. Write a Business Plan – just joking. You don’t need a business plan. Chances are you are not a child and have been exposed to the world before, so really, you will need to be organized. Being organized will get you through almost any situation.
  3. Create a To-Do List List in order of importance the steps to start your business. (keep reading below. We created an excel sheet for you)
  4. Top of the List is Funding List precisely how much you will have on hand to start your business. What funds will you have available as you develop your business?
  5. Take a Look at yourself and decide if you are all in Are you all in? That means are you ready to work as hard as you have ever worked in your life, and are you willing to spend every last penny on becoming a success.
  6. If your answer to 5 is NO. Quit now and stay in the job you have. If your answer was yes, continue.
  7. Get that Name for your Business Your Name and Brand set the Tone of the Business. Picking a great name and then creating a Brand is one of the most important things you can do for your business.
  8. Get that Website Picking a great website name is very complicated but can be done and done right!
  9. Connect Social Media Setting up social media correctly will go a long way and produce many positive results. Your social media pages will be important when you start your Social Media Marketing (SSM)