Company Branding is the art/skill and discipline of creating the overall feel (brand) of your company or business. That feel or look consists of many components that together create your brand.

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When do you hire out for your needs? Anytime you start a new business or are trying to change your company outside Ideas will be a great inspiration.

Branding your Company also falls under the Marketing umbrella and is practice of creating a name, symbol or design. This brand identifies & differentiates a product from other products . An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.

When starting your company, the company name and brand can dictate your future success. Being consistent with your branding material physical or digital will help your brand grow and succeed. Having a strong brand and a recognizable brand either thru its name logo or customer experiences gives you an advantage.

Some examples of what a Brand can be are below. All 3 are different business types and have totally different business models. But what they all have is a Great Logo, Great Name, a cohesive website name that is a (.com)

The Company Branding for HeroBuilders was tricky because HeroBuilders can mean many things and have many company Branding issues.

HeroBuilders® is an example of Business whose Name, Logo & Website design imparts Action.