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Marketing simplified is the act of creating creating interest or demand for a product or service. That product or service is exchange for payment. It is also the act of creating demand for a product or service than offering the products or services for a fee to a specfic audience.

A typical role that marketing departments play in an organization’s success is to effectively and efficiently communicate about Companies’ products or service offerings to a specific group or audience of people that would either want or benefit from that product or service. Of course, they may play different roles in different organizations and how that organization is structured.

In short Marketing is Product, Price, Promotion, Delivery of a product of service.

Digital Marketing uses online methods to market a needed or wanted product/service for payment.

If you are starting or are an established business, we can help you. Unlike other firms without real practical experiences, our successes speak for themselves. In recent years the internet and the art of marketing your business online have become increasingly complex; there are now many steps (best practices) needed to become a searched and visited company on the internet. So if you have a great idea, a skill, a craft, a hobby, intellectual knowledge, or just a pickup truck and need some help in some areas, give us a call.

Never forget the flipside of Marketing is always an offer of either a Product or Service.


  1. Traditional Media Marketing or TMM
  2. Publicity or Public Relations (all publicity is good publicity if you understand that)
  3. SM or Sales Methods happens at physical stores, digital sales and person to person
  4. VM or Video Marketing
  5. SEO or Search Engine Optimization (but really website optimization to match a search engine)
  6. SEM or Search Engine Marketing
  7. SMM or Social Media Marketing
  8. PPC or Pay Per Click / Online Ads
  9. DA or Data Analytics
  10. RM or Reputation Management and Mitigation