Search Engine Marketing or SEM

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is promoting your website or footprint on search engines using paid advertising basically PPC. This Paid advertising takes many forms and goes beyond search engine ads, we’ll get into that later.

Your SEM Marketing Strategy must use paid advertising on search engines in conjunction with Local SEO and Organic SEO

Using Pay Per Click advertising is a quick and direct way of being noticed by your core audience.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the quickest way to get your company or brand in front of the faces of your core audience. SEM is PPC and is considered a quick and an inorganic way to reach your audience. SEM is used primarily by startups and or companies or business that are new to the category and are not placed high enough by search engines to get any new business or clicks to your site. Although some successful firms use SEM even if they are already placed in the top 10 on page one of a search engine.

Key features of a good overall web presence and SEM are:
  • Having an excellent product or service
  • Having an perfectly created website that uses all best practices on every page on every line of the entire website
  • Using google adwords and adwords express can get your site in front of the target market quickly