Social Media Marketing or SMM

Social Media Marketing and Optimization is similar to SEM except you are promoting your business or website on Social Media

Search Media Marketing and Optimization, or SMM, is the process of optimizing your message. These positive messages can be large or small. These messages have one purpose, and that is to get your positive message out to the public. The ultimate goal is to get traffic back to your website or business to conduct sales. HARD and dedicated work always brings positive results.

Signing onto Social Media Platforms and creating business pages, or matching pages is part of the process. Whether Social Media has value or not is totally up to you to decide. In some instances it does and in others it is a total waste of time and money, but it does serve several hidden purposes.

Best Social Media Marketing “SMM”practices are listed below.

The goal is to have a high quality visitors visit your web page in an unpaid way.

  1. Having your data analytics ready from your analytics source is a good first step.
  2. Once you have isolated those metrics that you would like to target you can start using whichever social media platforms you have identified as a good fit for your business.
  3. Using some top social media sites like, twitter, facebook, insta, etc is the good starting point.
  4. Get REAL followers
  5. Do not ask family, friends or employees for likes clciks or follows
  6. Posting your real story is a great start
  7. Be honest (Stop the BS)
  8. Real Images your words
  9. Do not buy stock photos (no one believes that they are your photos)
  10. Talk specifically about your business and product