Traditional Media Marketing or TMM

Traditional Media Marketing or TMM are those marketing avenues known as non-digital. Although today everything is actually digital.

Traditional Media Marketing or TMM is the tried and true method that works all day every day. Today’s marketing dudes widely overlook TMM because of their lack of experience and knowledge and the complicated and tedious process to implement these methods. TMM is the quickest way to break into new markets or local markets quickly and precisely.

Some TMM are:

  1. Television
  2. Radio
  3. Print
  4. Direct Mail
  5. BillBoards
  6. Banners
  7. Local Events
  8. Door to Door or Face to Face
  9. Cold Calling
  10. Emailing

This video is an example of Old Media Marketing, commonly known as publicity. This type of publicity is invaluable because it is typically free and its return on effort can be calculated almost immediately.

One Company that we are helping navigate the business world using some Traditional Media Marketing techniques is BeBigBeBrave. BeBigBeBrave, seeks to eliminate harmful gender stereotypes and inspire kids to be their big, brave selves!

A Logo is used in or with Traditional Media Marketing or TMM