Whether you are a Product Based Business, Service Based Business, Handmade Business, Craft Business, or an Informational Business. Our experts have the real world experience needed to help you start, fix or grow your business.

What is the difference between and Product Or Service Based Business? A Product-Based business is a business that has a physical product (s). Products are self-manufactured or manufactured by others and sold for profit. A Service-Based business is a business that provides work performed by an expert or someone knowledgeable in a specific field. That service is provided for compensation. Some service-based businesses are business consulting, cleaning, landscaping education, beauty treatments, etc..

Other Types of Businesses that you should be aware of are:

A Handmade or Craft Based business is typically a small business that makes products that are traditionally handmade by artisans or skilled craftsmen. These skilled craftsmen (and women) usually have particular skills that others do not have.

An informational business or website traditionally is information-based and about specific subject or subset of a topic and is typically a Blog based business. These informational based businesses can be educational or motivational.

Examples of these business are below. Our team was instrumental in developing all of the businesses below. Feel free to visit the websites.

Product Based Businesses:

  • HeroBuilders® is a product based company specializing in Custom Action Figures and Political Action Figures Made in the USA. HTML 5, mobile first, AMP enabled with content management system, integrated separate digital shopping.
  • CustomEasyButton® is a product based company that created the Custom Record-able Easy Button, made by our suppliers to our specifications. HTML 5, CSS, integrated separate digital shopping
  • Black Star Ops is a product based company that created the first covert clothing company, made by our suppliers to our specifications. HTML 3, integrated separate digital shopping

Service Based Business:

  • Be Big Be Brave founded by Laura Bagnarol, a mom and social worker who wants more for her own daughters.  Our team is part of the success of this firm.

Handmade Business or Craft Based Business:

  • ToyBuilders is an example of a Handmade business that is a craft and handmade business but actually ushered in the 3D Printing industry and introduced 3D Design. Toybuilders was instrumental in bringing 3D printing and 3D manufacturing it to the masses and this is a mention in Popular Science in 2001. This website is mobile first HTML 5 with content management system.
  • Don Cray is an example of a wonder hand made product called The Arch Humidor the most beautiful Humidor ever made. But more importantly is the entire idea of Don Cray, the website marketing and SEO. This website is fast loading HTML 5 mobile first.