Reputation Management

Online Reputations are the Beliefs or Opinions that are held about someone or something. Anyone on the internet can shape those Beliefs and Opinions & your lack of knowledge of how the internet works have helped others shape your identity.

Reputation Management is a very complicated, time consuming and costly process. It is important to know that if your bad reputation is earned or deserved we will not help you.

Why do you have a poor online reputation? There are so many reasons you can have a poor reputation. Did you put your business on one of those ratings websites, are you being attacked by your competition did you just have some missteps? Maybe you have a psycho stalker.

Who do you call? You call us, we can help you and we can repair your reputation using a variety of methods.

Did you or your inexperienced web dudes make the biggest amateurish mistake you can make in all of Internetdom? You have a restaurant. You are a great chef, and you called up Yelp or other self-serving rating firms and asked to be on their website. You thought that would help with SEO, or someone told you that, right? Tell the truth. And your first ratings were 1 STAR, right!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I am yelling at you. Now you are running around trying to get your family and friends to leave you 5-star reviews, RIGHT! How stupid is that? What a waste of time. 

Let’s not be confused about the internet, the internet is self propagated and by its very nature is the biggest library, depository or purposefully created fake or false information.


There are many levels of Reputation Damage and many levels of Reputation Repair. The damage can and will have a financial loss component and the repair will also have a financial component to repair that damage. The Reputation Repair cost is directly in relation to the Reputation Damage that was done. Let’s figure out how to help you by you filling out the form below.

Reputation Management, Reputation Defender, Reputation Manipulation Services

When you get a 1 STAR review do you know how many 5 STAR reviews you need to make a 1 STAR review = 5 STARS??? You will need 10 – 5 STAR reviews. Can you imagine what a waste of time that is.

Do you know what to do in this situation? How did your get here? Think back,,,you got here because someone who has NO experience told you to join these websites,,,you should actually sue them for getting you in the mess you are in. Now you are a CHEF running around protecting your reputation.