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Retirement, it’s a thing for hard working people.

Retirement, it's a thing for hard working people.

Retirement, you finally made it, and you worked hard your entire life; you did the right thing, you walked the line, worked hard and long hours, and you paid your taxes so city, state and local towns employees, police and teachers can be paid exorbitant amounts while enjoying as many perks as possible and then retire 20 years earlier than you.

So whos the real hero? Of course, you are the real hero, and now it’s time for you to retire. Let us try to pick a state and city that does not have high taxes so that in your retirement.

Let’s get to it; I found this article on Forbes online that lists the top 100 places to retire; here is the link for the full article. Please read it If you have the time, it has some great descriptions and images of each city. But if you don’t have time.

The #1 location in America to retire is Laramie, Wyoming, Population 32,000median home cost $228,000. High plains college town (University of Wyoming), 130 miles north of Denver. Cost of living 4% above the national average. PROS: Good rank on the Milken Institute list of best cities for successful aging, a high number of physicians per capita. Good air quality. Low serious crime rate. No state income tax, no state estate/inheritance tax. CONS: Cold winters” (William P).

But if you are not ready for retirement just yet, visit the front page and lets get you back into business.


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