Product Design is the Art of creating a new Product balancing form and function. Furthermore, Design usually must be visually and mechanically more sophisticated than past similar products.

Product Design is the art of creating a new product or a new look for an older or existing product. The Product Design must have a striking visual appeal that stands the test of time.


Product Development is a complicated process to create an idea into a physical object that you can sell to customers. It takes an expert with a rounded understanding of ALL of these processes to become a success. Unlike today’s many TV shows or those raising money sites (which have cost more investors to lose money than any other time in history), Emil Vicale is an expert at creating and making products. When starting your company, the company, merchandise, and look of that product can dictate your business’s future success. Therefore being consistent with your product design and development with the use of colors and materials, your company grows and succeeds. Some examples of Product-Based Businesses founded or Developed by Emil Vicale are:


The Arch Humidor on a black background designed by Emil Vicale, is an example of a perfect Product Design

Don Cray and the Arch Humidor is an example of timeless Product Design. Designed by Emil Vicale the Don Cray Arch World Famous Don Cray Arch is available for sale on a Commision Bases Only

HeroBuilders® was the first company to Design and Produce products based on a seated president. HeroBuilders® is a product based company specializing in Custom Action Figures and Political Action Figures Made in the USA. The name HeroBuilders is also the Brand and is descriptive of the business but can be a good brand for other businesses. The website is a WordPress HTML 5, mobile first, AMP enabled with content management system, integrated separate digital shopping.

Below are Action Figure Made by HeroBuilders for Nickelodeons’ cross over hit show Danger and Thunder!