Product Design is the Art of creating a new Product, balancing form and function. Furthermore, a design must be visually and mechanically more sophisticated than past similar products.


Emil continues to Imagine, Create, Design, and Develop all Consumer products; some products for specific fields are below:

The Arch Humidor on a black background designed by Emil Vicale

FURNITURE DESIGN. Early in Emil’s professional career, Emil had a decade of exposure to furniture design, lighting design, and engineering. Hence, the Catalyst for his design career, later designing the Arch Humidor.

The Don Cray Arch Humidor, an original Emil Vicale Design over 30 years old, embodies the philosophy of “form and function.” although a humidor, it is a fabulous Furniture Design.

TOY DESIGN. Emil always technology forward and started to design and build toys many decades ago using 3D technology, now known as 3D Design and Printing.

Among other toys, Emil designed and built the first custom action figures that look, talk, and dress just like you. That idea became the company, and Emil continues at the helm of this great company. Herobuilders is such a great Toy company that even Nickelodeon used our services.

Showing a black untucked hiddden pocket shirt designed by Emil Vicale

CLOTHING DESIGN: As a designer, Emil has had the opportunity to design various products in various industries, including the clothing industry.

One product that was very innovative at the time (2001) was his self-defense shirt, which boasted many hidden pockets. But one feature that became even more famous what the fact that the shirt was cropped up so the wearer could reach into pants pockets rapidly, now known as an untucked shirt.

JEWELRY DESIGN: Jewelry and Fashion are always on Emil’s mind as he designs any product. Elegance is omnipresent. His work speaks to anyone who views it. Here is a Greek Key Pave setting bracelet designed by Emil Vicale and beautifully designed and executed.

WEAPON DESIGN: The ultimate engineering marvel. As a designer, one of those products you hope to design, engineer, and develop at least once in your career is a weapon. And no, not for its destructive power but its complexity and failure rate. Complexity and failure rate are the core of the tradition when designing a weapon. Weapons are deceptively simple initially and become more complex with every line drawn. Failure rates Zero failure rate is the goal unachievable, but that is the goal. This is my weapon, so unique it even received a patent.

  • HeroBuilders® was the first company to Design and Produce products based on a seated president. HeroBuilders® is a product-based company specializing in Custom Action Figures and Political Action Figures Made in the USA. HeroBuilders is also the Brand and describes the business, but it can be a good brand for other companies. The website is a WordPress HTML 5, mobile-first, AMP enabled with the content management system, integrated with separate digital shopping.
  • CustomEasyButton® is a product-based company that created the Custom Record-able Easy Button. Outside suppliers make this product to the specifications we developed. The website is HTML5 and CSS and has an integrated Woo Commerce eCommerce shopping cart.
  • Be Big Be Brave is a service business founded by a mom and social worker who wanted more for her daughters. Emil Vicale Consulting took this firm from a dream to reality. This website is a Squarespace site with an eCommerce shopping cart.
  • ToyBuilders is an example of a Handmade and craft business. Toy builders introduced the masses to 3D Design, 3D printing, and 3D manufacturing. Here is an extraordinary mention in Popular Science in 2001. This website is mobile-first HTML5 with a content management system.
  • Don Cray, designed by Emil Vicale, is an example of a perfect product design wonderfully executed. The Arch Humidor is an example of a Handmade product. People recognize the Arch Humidor as the most beautiful Humidor ever made.
  • Emil Vicale® is an example of a WordPress Site. We market to Connecticut and NY regions. This site focuses on our work and how we can help others.

Product Design is the Art of creating a new product or a new look for an older or existing product. The Product Design must have a striking visual appeal that stands the test of time. Inventing or Designing products is a highly complex process. Emil continues to design and develop products adding to his decades-long design career.


Product Development is a complicated process of creating an idea into a physical object you can sell to customers. It takes an expert with a rounded understanding of ALL of these processes to become a success. Unlike today’s many TV shows or those raising money sites (which have cost more investors to lose money than at any other time in history), Emil Vicale is an expert at creating and making products. When starting your company, the company, merchandise, and look of that product can dictate your business’s future success. Therefore, your company will grow and succeed by being consistent with your product design and development using colors and materials. Some examples of Product-Based Businesses founded or Developed by Emil Vicale are: